Trees Are Life was founded to act effectively in the direction of lobbying Heads of State and Governments and to pass on vital education and information to opinion leaders worldwide as it relates to the benefits of global reforestation and the orders of magnitude needed to reverse ecological decline, to restore and strengthen the biosphere and to create a massive increase in global tree cover.
These photographs were taken at Blenheim Palace Park on the day that we memorialised the founding of Trees are Life which occurred on Monday the 11th of June 2017 and the stating of our mutual purpose to initially reforest planet earth with ONE TRILLION NEW TREES, in the first instance.


As a demonstration of the effectiveness of our Trees Are Life campaign and our intention, the founders have been able to help successfully secure the 45th US President’s commitment to increase the planetary tree cover of Earth by 25%.  
First announced in Davos, Switzerland this year on the 21st January 2020 – The Presidential support of a One Trillion Tree Global Reforestation Initiative.


President Trump confirmed this in his the State of The Union Address to Congress on the 5th February 2020.  This decision will affect the lives and future of millions of life forms that live here, survive in nature and contribute to God’s creation.


It will take CO2 levels back to the 1700’s and Global Air Quality levels back to the middle of the Industrial Revolution.


This is now Official White House and Trump Administration policy.
The Founders of Trees are Life.
His Grace, The Duke Of Marlborough and Mr John Mappin.
Photographed with the 1000 year old English Oak trees at Blenheim Palace.
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